About Us


I’m inspired through the creation of art that also tugs at the heart.

Cynthia Webb is a California artist specializing in handcrafted fine pewter whose work has been internationally recognized for its warm, evocative style and enduring themes of faith, family, and spirit.

Formally trained in architecture, Cynthia began creating original work in jewelry classes in London. She opened Cynthia Webb Designs in San Diego in 1992. Celebrating over twenty five years, her work has been showcased in galleries, gift catalogs, and handcrafted wholesale gift shows, including Atlanta and New York as well as the ACRE Handcrafted gift shows. Her work is all handcrafted in the USA.

While the studio enjoyed its early success with small ornaments and pins, Webb in recent years has focused on larger pieces such as framed art and wall plaques and memento boxes. The framed pewter pieces are individually signed and titled and may be hung on a wall or displayed on a tabletop.

The collection continues to grow and evolve each year. Her designs range from simple hearts to complex angels, words of inspiration, all begin with her original sketches. She then carves each design in jeweler’s wax and signs and titles the original. A mold is made from the wax original, allowing duplicate pieces to be created. Each piece is hand-finished, oxidized and polished, and a thin lacquer coating is applied. She takes as much care with the back of the design as she does the front, etching into it intricate details that reflect the design on the front of the piece as well as the title of each creation.

“I’m inspired through the creation of what I call art that also tugs at the heart,” she says. “I hope my work serves to commemorate that special person or occasion or place in our lives, that gets us closer in touch with what’s truly important and is a source of quiet joy for those who give it as a gift, receive it, or simply bring it into their homes.”